Wendy Lee Radow
Business Owner

Wendy Lee Radow is originally from Montreal where she enjoyed a career as a musical entertainer. In the late 90’s Wendy wanted a little adventure and decided to head to Alberta. In 2018 she moved to the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia.

While in BC, Wendy was searching for a solution for the outdoor space around her log cabin which was situated on some pretty rough ground. That’s when she discovered these fantastic Rubber Mats which she used in BC and at her current residence in Alberta.
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This was the start of…..
Marvelous Mats Alberta!

At this time Wendy is based in Rockyview County just outside the Calgary city limits, and supplies communities with top quality flooring and multi-use rubber/vinyl products.

Wendy still has a great passion for music, and just as she does for her entertainment clients, she prides herself on offering Marvelous Mats customers outstanding personalized service. This way Wendy can get a good understanding of their projects and offer the most effective flooring solutions at the best possible price.

Marvelous Mats offers profit sharing opportunities in a number of regions across Canada. Wendy has some great partners on board and is always looking for new people with an entrepreneurial spirit who would like to get involved part time, full time or what ever suits their employment or business situation.

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