Business owner Wendy Lee, has been involved in musical groups all her life making her a big believer in teamwork.
This is why Marvelous Mats is based on a profit sharing model.

People in various regions can operate on a referral basis with no need to purchase any product. All that’s needed is an entrepreneurial spirit, creative advertising, social media know how and/or good contacts with any individual or business large or small who may need a flooring solution…and there’s plenty of them out there.

If one has semi-related employment or a business where flooring products can be represented that also can be beneficial toward sales. This opportunity can pleasantly augment your income and can be part time along side whatever else you may be doing.

We can provide you with a website identical to this with only your contact information on it. This will protect your business and keep your source for products confidential. Wendy will be available to assist you with anything you need to assist a customer and close a sale.

Wendy is old-school and loves to speak with people. Please give her a call so she can share more information and get better acquainted with you. She’s got excellent references from her existing team members who’d be happy to chat with you as well.

We look forward to the possibility of working with you in the very near future.